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Localisation géographique

The local soil

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A feel for the local soil!

To all wine-lovers, to those who appreciate farm-produce,  nature-lovers,  all   informed or budding gastronomes, to those interested in the culture and history of our department,  seekers of calm and authenticity…Tourisme du Terroir - Local rural tourism is really for you !

Tourisme de Terroir

Aperitif at a wine farm

The wine grower welcomes you to his property, invites you to visit his vineyards and shows you his wine cellar. During this visit the wine grower explains his 'savoir faire', his choice of vine varieties and his fabrication methods...

After this initiation you can try a selection of wines grown on the domaine, accompanied by some other local produce. The wine tasting along with the other local products will allow you to appreciate typical flavours of the Pyrenees Orientals.

Local rural ideas!


Festivals and farmers’ markets! The key to finding out the essentials: unusual and authentic flavours, enchanting landscapes, a warm and convivial welcome…

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Wine tasting



    Olivier Decelle and MAS AMIEL coming together on a very windy October day in 1999, it was love at first sight. A real wine enthusiast, Olivier Decelle took the estate’s destiny into his owns hands to turn Mas Amiel, founded in 1816, into a flagship domaine known throughout the world.

Located close to the village of Maury, the estate covers 220 hectares including 150 planted with vines. Subjected to heatwave temperatures and swept by the tramontane wind, this extreme soil is formed of schist particularly suitable for Grenache and Carignan. Their old roots manage to weave through the schist to find moisture deep down, thereby expressing this terrain’s typical mineral characters.